Adventures in Midris

The World still turns...
After twenty years of peace, the world now faces new conflicts.


The Fall of Kal'Hudin

In order for Sadek to help the party, he wanted The Orb of The Stars. The heroes and Sadek set out on a great journey to head to the last known location of the orb. Along the way they met up with the Scarlet Empire and struck a peace treaty with them. Sadek put a spell on the party giving them a incredible resistance to heat, so that they may interact with the orb without harm. After, the brave adventurers continued to find that the location had become a fortress infested with dwarves. Kal’Hudin City of the Deep, this great city was way ahead of the times in engineering and in resources. The party (with help of some incompetent guards) sneaked into the city. Two of the members (the cat girl and the lizard were arrested, and the roguish man was allowed to roam freely in the shadows. The cat girl with help of her inadvisability magic broke out of her cell. She then drew her Bow and held the lower end of the city hostage while she walked to grab the orb, the city watched in horror. She grabbed the orb and freed The lizard man who was also in the prison. The city watched helplessly as the life of the city was carried out. The cat girl placed the orb onto the ice block that was Sadek. She removed the whites hand, which Sadek had promised to her and held the powerful sword in her hand. The crowed broke as King Thorin Coldsteel ran up and threw his mighty axe at Sadek, this caused a great explosion sending everyone back. The dust and mist started cleared and Sadek had been sperated from the orb, and was starting to refreeze, the lizard man walked over and handed it to him, Sadek floated up and launched the Dwarf king hundreds of feet into the air. The party left victorious, but with a hollow feeling about everything.

The shimmering Sands

The Half-dragon, and cat girl have dreams to obtain a sword from the white god. They convince the earth elf and a goblin to help them obtain it from the desert. after forgetting much about the dream and having the elf hire a diviner to get more information, the group sets off. They travel south and were attacked by a rot grub, and then other goblins which the group had killed most of before. The group survived (hardly) and made it to the desert, where they met a blue dragon. They continued to there location and found an old abandoned castle and town, inside they found sadek, a man who was cursed by the gods, and they found the god sword. striking a deal with sadek they agreed to find the orb of the stars, for the sword, they also convinced him to follow them back to old shire. he agreed and they lugged him back. He requested to stay in a temple until the orb has been obtained.


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