Adventures in Midris

The shimmering Sands


The Half-dragon, and cat girl have dreams to obtain a sword from the white god. They convince the earth elf and a goblin to help them obtain it from the desert. after forgetting much about the dream and having the elf hire a diviner to get more information, the group sets off. They travel south and were attacked by a rot grub, and then other goblins which the group had killed most of before. The group survived (hardly) and made it to the desert, where they met a blue dragon. They continued to there location and found an old abandoned castle and town, inside they found sadek, a man who was cursed by the gods, and they found the god sword. striking a deal with sadek they agreed to find the orb of the stars, for the sword, they also convinced him to follow them back to old shire. he agreed and they lugged him back. He requested to stay in a temple until the orb has been obtained.


Enhialus Enhialus

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