Bruce (The)

Bruce (The): The Black Gnoll, Gnoll Patriarch, The Tyrants Maw


The Bruce: The Black Gnoll, Gnoll Patriarch, The Tyrants Maw

Description: The Terrible Black Gnoll, banished by the The’Zoba Shamani, Flowing with the blood of the Doplos, he is driven only by his desire for lordship over all things… even The Black itself.

Nature: Gnoll, + major allergy to fine powder though the noze (heavy uncontrolled sneazing fits.)
Class: Tyrants Maw
Alignment: Zealous, Lawful, Evil

Combat: 6 (5 first attack, +~35 Windego)(6s)
Damage: 7D6 (+2D6 vs oppressed)
Academic: 4
Social: 6

Hp: 10 (+15 feral, +10 natural + 310 hp armor)=345hp
Regen: ~85hp/turn
Sp: 10 (-1 attunement)


x1+2 NC1 – Natural Weapon [Claws & Teeth] – You are naturally clawed and slash with your natural prowess – +1D6 slashing damage

x1+1 NC1 – Natural Armour – Thick hides protect your inner bits – +10hp

x2+1 NC1-2 – Feral Rage – With no regard for your safety you naturally focus 100% on offence – +5hp, +1D6 damage to attacks when not defending self.

x1 NA1 – The Black – The Ritual of GreeHee has deemed you Blessed by the Black – +2D6 Damage to the oppressed, +3 to/vs tyranical social actions, must maintain favor of The Black. Your fur is black.

x1 NSA8 – The Tyrants Maw [ON (maintained)]- Expanded (Devoured bodies) Polymorph Redux x3(Non-stacked), SuAb: x2 – Windego Strength (Feats of Strength), x2 – Windego Cruelty (Attacks with claws), +2D6 Combat, x2 +10 turn [repeat](Avg= + ~35 combat) ;Restrictions: Range 0, Self only, fails on 1-5, 1-5-10-20 turn cast (Must devour the flesh while the changes takes place), Material Component 2 – Full body.

x1 NSC4 – Troll Regen [ON]- Unswoon, heal 2D6 damage, x2 +10 turns [repeat](Avg: 20D6 dmg or ~75hp), No action, Self only.
x1 NC3 – Grand Patriarch (aka: Dominant Breed) – You can Breed true with any reasonable specie. Your race will take precedence over thiers (
simplicities to breeding).
x1 C1 – Natural Weapon Proficiency – Combat roll requires 10 for attack with natural weapons.

x1 C2 – Natual Weapon Attack – You are able to effectively attack with your Natural Weapons.

x1 C3 – First Impression – +5 to combat for first natural weapon attack.

x1 C1 – Frat Gnoll Proficiency – Doubles hp from leather armor.

x2 A1 – Fear tracking – +5 Academic to tracking prey when they are afraid.

x1 C3 – Rage Race – +1 simplicity to movement.

x2 A1 – The Finer Things – +5 to academic to knowledge cultural for food and drink appreciation.

x1 SA1- Tyrants Eye – +5 to social/academic for contemplating weaknesses of a given civilization.

x1 A2 – Strategian – You are a professional world traveled strategist.

x3 A3 – Tyrants Nightmare – +5 to Academic for Strategian actions against tyrants.

x1 S2 – Intimidation – You are able to unnerve people into sheepish inaction by shows of pure force or cruelty.

x2 S3 – Violent Intimate – +5 to social to intimidation action when Damage has been dealt.

x1 S2 – Tyrant – You are able to take command of peoples and get them to understand that they live only by your good graces.

x3 S3 – Crown of Skulls – +5 to social for Tyrant actions when murder, or the threat therof, is a key factor.

x1 S1 – Only one Tyrant – +5 social to defend against domination coersion.

x1 S3 And I am He- defending against domination coersion is simple.


Tyrants Frat Boy Full Coat – 50 Hp; RestrictionsL Mastercraft 100-500-1000-2000.
Special: SA5 Grand Tyrants Coat [ON]
~105hp, regen ~10hp] +3D6 Hp, x3 +10 turns (duration), x3 +10 turns (repeat) to Enchanted armour only, For enchantment only, requires attunement, once attuned cannot be re-attuned, Mastercraft 100-500 item only.


Bruce (The)

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