Drago Tvont

The Diploman of Goramarsh



Nc1 Tough Scales – + 10 hp
Nc1 Draconian Claws – 1d6 damage
Nc1 Draconian Bite – 1d6 damage
Na1 Draconian Heritage – Knows about dragons, can speak draconic
a2 Draconian Sorcery – able to be casting magics
S1 Smooth talker – +5 to talking under pressure
S2 Diplomat – Profession – knows how to talk to the races
S3 A sly banter – 0sp, 2d6 damage debuff, detect trait sociability.
[Person must be willing to talk, Somatic; an odd flick of the wrist and an odd look
on is face, , eye contact must be maintained, verbal, must interrupt a person mid conversation
conversation must be able some sort of choice, Target must be free to move.]


Tales of Drago

Tale 1

Finally arriving in my hometown I let out a sigh just in time to be swarmed my younger “kin”. After being convinced to watch their training I finally was able to get to the elders tent. Upon getting closer to the elders quarters I heard yelling. I had to rush off, but I didn’t expect to see an assassin with weapon pointed at my elder. Time its self seemed to slow… I had to do something. I ran and tacking the man to the ground. Disarming the man was not all that difficult. After a degree of… questioning I found out that that the assassin was a priest of the white hand. He told me that my whole village was “doomed”. I told him he was missing his throat… My people will just wear the bones of those who try. “This must not continue!” I yelled. Looking to my elder I asked him for a few of his best hunters we must take the head off at the shoulders.

Tale 2

How does magic work… Why is magic magic, is it the work of gods?, The power of will? the chanter of ancient words from a book?

And summoning fishing rods! Now THAT is a trick. I really need to learn that. Maybe I can fix this pain that has been in my shoulders for the past while.
As ryuuk went to rub his shoulder he felt not a bump but a small horn like object. When old gramcat is “done” with the high mage maybe I can get her to look at these…

Seeking a distraction from this Ryuuk went to the tower, into the small library to read some texts, most which made no sense other then the ramblings of dragonic? Remarkable. Maybe I should read some of these for a while! looking at the couple of other texts laying around.

Back to work… now to try and set up alliances… Maybe some gnolls?

Tale 3

Have you ever talked to something so big, that you had no understanding as to what it was?
I think i have an idea of what it is like now. Well you see those fruits are something else…
Twice now. Those fruits, they are something else. I feel enlightened… though others have lost
mind. I lost track of time in the prison cell, it felt like a week had passed by the end of it with yet again
my compatriots breaking me out of prison. If one had to describe the sensation of what that felt that day, it would be blue.

Drago Tvont

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