Goro Gromscream

a red skined orc axemaster


Goro Gromscream
Worshiper of the Red
C8 A1 S6

C1: Axe Prof: hit on 10 with great axes
C2: Master of the axe : is able to preform axe sings to hit apples off peoples heads among other tricks
C3: The Great slice: +3 targets +1 range. Needs to runs before hand, must jump and do a spin, a verbal roar.
C4: Orcish Axe Master: 1 simp to hit
C1: Orcish battle armor prof : double defense gained from orchish armor
S1: Scary, +3 to looking scary
S2: Axe Masters Resolve : Looks like he knows how to swing that axe
S3: Intimidate: 2d6 combat debuff +2 range: Verbal, Somatic, indiscriminate cone.


Died in the battle of Brennenberg to the hands of the party.

Goro Gromscream

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