Hint goblin


Hint Goblin is generally viewed as the unofficial ambasador to the Goblin King’s Kingdom in OldShire. He is talkative and attempts to be helpful to everybody he meets by providing suggestions and ideas about current events, politics, and critical issues using a fairly wide veriety of hearthy wisdom. Generally these hints are not understood or ignored and in such cases he refers people to the Goblin King (Who will generally be more cryptic and/or patronizing).

Hint Goblin is well informed about many aspects around oldshire and has become something of a local “sage” for people who aren’t willing to wait for an audience with The Mayor. When he isn’t tinkering about with the Blackhammer arts he is wandering the city offering unsolicited free advice to everybody around town.

Important Actions of Hint Goblin

- Hint goblin first became prominant during the expidition into the great desert for the Divine Sword where the adventurers of OldShire returned with the sword … attached to a Sadek.

- Hint Goblin Invented the Ant Catcher (a divice used for scooping and sifting ants) and subsiquently Ant Paste (a sort of ground ant jam).

“Enemies” of Hint Goblin

It is fairly well advertiesed that Hint Goblin is quite Jealous of Bread Goblin. Who he often decried as a greedy layabout who does nothing but fawn over his two wives. Hint Goblin has no wives.

Hint goblin

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