Skeletal Warrior

An elite warrior summoned from the bones of the earth.


HP 120
SP 10

30 to defending against combat
30 to defending against academic

11 simplicity’s to hit 5d6 2 targets
10 simplicity’s to defending to combat

can counter attack


10xC1 Mage killer, 3 to Academic when defending with shield against magic.
C1 Armor prof
C1 Shield prof
C1 ‘Weapon’ Prof
C2 Weapon Attack
C3 (Style) cleave, +1 target to regular attacks with ‘weapon’.
10xC4 Elite Warrior training, 1 simplicity to attack
10xC5 Master of the shield, 1 Simplicity to Defending
C5 Counter attack, A 0 roll from enemy melee strike allows counter with ‘Attack with ’Weapon’’

Equipment: 2000 monies

Undead Aegis: +5 combat defense when defending
Various bone ‘weapons’: 5d6 T1R0

Bone plate 55hp armor,
Restrictions: cannot remove


Skeletal Warrior

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