Fuufuu Darkroyal: The Blue Gnoll

The blue furred gnoll blessed by The Blue and seeking The Speed Lands.


Fuufuu Darkroyal: The Blue Gnoll

Nature: Gnoll (Add “Frat-Ganger” to class description)
Alignment: Neutral, Neutral, Zealous
Class: Blaze-O-Mancer : ArcaneMagic (Evocation), Industrious, Speed-Freak

Combat: 2
Academic: 6(+3 w/vs. magic)
Social: 2

Hp: 35/35 (+5 when not defending.)
Sp: 25/25


x1 NC1 – Natural Weapon [Claws & Teeth] - You are naturally clawed and slash with your natural prowess – +1D6 slashing damage
x1 NC1 – Natural Armour - Thick hides protect your inner bits – +10hp
x2 NC1-2 – Feral Rage - With no regard for your safety you naturally focus 100% on offence – +5hp, +1D6 damage to attacks when not defending self.
x1 NA1 – The Blue - The Ritual of GreeHee has deemed you Blessed by the Blue – +10sp, +3 to/vs arcane magical actions, must maintain favor of The Blue. Your fur is blue.

x1 Natural Weapon Proficiency - Combat roll requires 10 for attack with natural weapons.
x1 Natual Weapon Attack - You are able to effectively attack with your Natural Weapons.

x1 Leather Armor Proficiency - Double armour bonus from Leather Armour.

x1 A1 – Engineered Solutions Ltd. - 5 to academic to knowledge engineering for determining a solution to a given problem.
x1 A2 – The Blackhammer Arts - You are able to craft things with metals and leathers.
x1 A3 – Rune Crafting Arts - You are able to Craft Talents to Equipment.
2 A4 – Gnollish Efficacy -* Creating and finishing Blackhammer projects efficiently is simple.

x1 A1 – Draconic Language - You speak the language of Dragons, Kobalds, and Magic.
x1 A2 – Use Magic (Evocation) - You are trained in the use of magic but have only learned and specialized in the use of Evocation. – Evocation Spells only – +1 effect.

x1 SA1- Lord of the Foodlands - +5 to social/academic for contemplating social habits (and its reprocussions to the taste of the meat) of gnoll edible races (Gnolls are carnivores).
x1 S2 – Leadership - You are able to take command of peoples and get them to understand and follow your orders.

Spell talents

Combusting The Blue
[Level 3 Supernatural Academic]
Description: By gathering The Blue energies into a single focused point you can evoke them into a single Explosive Burst (results may vary).
Effect: Range +2, +2 Targets, Critical Gamble 15 (+1 target), 1D6 Concussive Damage, Critical Gamble 20 (1D6 Damage), Produce 1D6 kilos of Fire, Manipulate base materials (Air force- Burst outwards)", Press: Sudden force launching targets 1 turn away from blast area, -2 sp cost; Restrictions: Requires 1 hour morning study/meditation, Favor of “The Blue”, Verbal, Somatic, Indescriminate (Burst), Focus 100-500 (Blue Ruby – 500 monies), Stopped by cover, lethal, (Evocation).
Cost: 1sp

Liquid Lightning
[Level 3 Supernatural Academic]
Description: You hurl a blast of fluidic lightning while charging yourself with Aqua Momenta that builds up like a battery, allowing you to disperse more lightning later with less effort and greater power.
Effects: “Range +1, targets +2, +1D6 lightning damage, +1d6 lightning damage to next Liquid Lightning action”, Add status (repeat)[+1d6 lightning damage], -1 essence cost (to next liquid lightning action), Add status (repeat)[-1 essence cost];" Restrictions: Requires 1 hour study in morning, Verbal, Somatic, Indiscriminate (line-rebounding), Focus [100-500 monies]: bottle made of turquoise exactly half full of ionized water, (Evocation).
Cost: 3 sp (base)

Blues Claws
[Level 3 Supernatural Academic]
Description: Evoke the raw power of The Blue to create invisible claws of pure blue force.
Effects: “+1 range (to natural claw attack), +4 targets, add status x5, +4D6 combat, -SP cost x3;” Restrictions: Range -1, Self Only, Requires 1h Study in morning, Somatic, Favor of The Blue, Focus: Blue Ruby (100-500), 1-5-10 turn cooldown, cannot stack, verbal, fails on 1-5, claws are letrhal, (Evocation)
Cost: 0sp

Collaring The Blue (Aka Blues Paws)
[Level 4 Supernatural Academic]
Description: Evoke the raw power of The Blue to shrowd yourself with the Blues protective hide and bring forth his powerful Paws.
Cost: 2sp


The Blue Ruby – A magically crafted blue ruby. [500 monies] <- Now crafted into a pimp stick (2D6 bludgeoning damage)

DaVoodoo Leather Ganger Armour – +15hp, +5sp [400 monies]

Extra: 100 monies

The Blue wrote:
. -When The Blue path opens, you must follow.
. – One must Never Destroy The Blue works.
. – The Blue is to be spread like the Sky of day.


He sniffed the air and began to laugh as he often did. Dead food was near and the other packs were not going to come. They feared his blue, they feared his magic, they knew his liniege and knew to fear it too.

He would have to take much for the journey ahead as the travel to more civilised lands was such a distance away. But once there… oh he laughed again … once there the machines… the wheels… the SPEED.

He could feel the wind blow through his soft fur and through his sagging ears. Such a pittence of a wind it was to his mind… the air in the fast lands did blow like a torrent and the very world itself would BOOM at the audacity of their movement. His mouth watered and he wiped his almost puggish snout.

“Soon Fuu… soon.” he thought to himself, “For now we must begin slow. Then we shall chase the gods untill even they cannot keep up.” Then he laughed once again.


“When one follows The Blue path things always work out as The Blue wishes.”

Fuufuu, Mayor of Old Shire, taking a toke on the grandmothers pipe he had borrowed, looked upon the work being done and smiled. Everything seemed to be coming together. The first merchants had arrived, the cities defences were being fortified, the iron mine would soon be returned to production, the zombie apocalypse had been averted, and its perpetrator forced to share their knowledge of The Blue.

Even the trials like the serpent ‘Gods’ and this grand necromancer seemed as so much cobblestone before his padded stride. This speed may not have been literal but things certainly were moving quickly, perhaps this is what the speedlands were like when things were standing still.

He laughed his gnollish laugh and pondered a while. With all this organization he’d had little time to better travel his personal Blue road. He felt that his understanding of The Blue was still rigid, that there was one or many pieces of this great puzzle that he was still missing.

It began to rain… hard.

He sat in the downpoar, his fur becoming heavy and wet. Eyes closed he felt the rain on his face and pondered… Water poured like rivers down his brow and snout, falling off him like waterfalls, splattering with great clatter on the cobbles below. Fuufuu imagined himself as a world all its own filled with trees and rain and clouds, the flow of the elements travelling around him. What secrets did they hold, what power comes from the simple movement of water…

In an instant his eyes opened wide. Lightning struck before his eyes in the distance, followed quickly by the crack of thunder. He laughed his gnollish laugh.

“When one follows The Blue path things always work out as The Blue wishes.”

Fuufuu was feeling the stresses of all the societal changes that were takeing place in Oldshire and it was becomming rather difficult. It was all happening so fast… he had almost wished for it to slow down so he could catch up but realized the unenlightened nature of such desires, gritted his teeth and redoubled his efforts.

He laughted and thought “How did I become such an important person in these strange foodlands.” his mind then quickly began creating a list…

Serpent men: tribal warriors with self generating armaments, generally aquatic, tempermental but cooly diplomatic, tastes good over a spit with pepper spiced honeys.

Catfolk: Skiddish hunters and shamans, generally transformative, meek sedentary people, hateful of enemies and unreasonable, best cooked in pit char with sea salts and onions.

Lizard men: Sagacious sedentary hunters, protective of young, giving people whom are tolerant, worship dragons, Eggs taste better than the meat, tail meat should be slow cooked on a vertical spit and laquered with thistle extracts and tenderized repeatedly.

Humans: Chaotic organizers, self destructive, builders with fortifications, hivelike, always social from positions of weakness, cut into flanks and cook thoroughly with lemon or pineapple if you can get them.

Elves: Overly destracted by stupid things, generally responsive to discussion, fear death more than others, live forever, tastes terrible but servicable as heavily salted jerkey.

Dwarves: Too busy underground, don’t know enough about them, for best results tenderize heavily while alive before taking cuts and cooking.

Demons… he had never eaten demon before. He wondered how they would taste. How hard would they be to catch. Perhaps he should take up cooking, Raughraugh always said that there was The Blue in cooking…

He shook his head, “Another time” he muttered to himself, it was time for him to step up and stand as The Mayor that he was, he would eat them later if everthing went bad.

He laughed… he was suddenly really hungry.

Oh! He had not forgotten… but, to Fuufuu, it was like being re-introduced to a jolly old friend. The blood pumped faster, the muscles moved, pained, and strained harder than they were accustomed. His vision was slowed and time seemed to move at a crawl, his prey was like a helpless pup to his furious claws.

He could see why The Red was so seductive.

The goblins, now panicked by the full out assault, tried to flee but with a crackled blast The Blues mighty combustions flung them back into Fuufuu’s frightfull talons. They did not live long.

As the slaughter persisted his mind began to wander on its own as his body continued its automatic manouvers.

“I wonder where these strikes come from, my arm moves and the claws rip flesh but the source of thse things… what are they?” He thoought to himself then began to contemplate conversations had with that elf tunnler.

A goblin dagger stabbed his flank, causing Fuufuu’s body to imidiately seaze the goblin by the arms and set his jaws upon its throat and shake far too thuroughly in that familiar houndish fassion.

“The Blue is obviously a great blue Gnoll… I wonder what his claws would be like… they would be made of the stuff that makes these of mine claws work. The basics… the sharp and the push, that exists within all things.”

There were no more enemies left and his breathing was wild and heavy… the friendly goblins looked upon their king with awe and terror. The severed head of a goblin still hung from the mouth of their blue king.

His composure was returned instantly and he straightened his stance: “The Sharp and the Push” he said aloud after spitting the goblin to the ground…. the other goblins did not respond for they knew thier king had just had a revalation.

The absolute tedium of enchantment was exhausting, his mind was bored. Again and again he would replay the battles fought in his mind, and again and again he found himself lacking. His knowledge of battle was always less than purfect now it seems the words of his brother Grevv had a newfound sharpness. Fuufuu had always believed that it was simply the blessing of The Red that made him that way but now he felt his ignorance it was really taking its toll.

These demons stank of The Black… they stank of betrayal and tyranny and self-destruction and he would have nothing to do with them. He thought of the Bruuse and wondered if perhaps he had a hand in this mess.

As his mind raced away from the tedium Fuufuu felt that perhaps he had strayed from The Blue path. That perhaps this humbling was a punishment for some unknown failure. These thoughts repeated though his mind as he struggled with the arduous task of keeping steady hand at a slow, menontenous pace.

He did not notice when his troubles had stopped revving within his mind. At some point he had come to realize that his mind with clear. Empty of longing. Empty of worry. Focused solely upon the once tedium at hand.

… It was in this moment that he realized!

The haste of the speedlands was NOT the path of The Blue, it was HIS path, and, though both were compatable, they were not the same. The Blue road was wild, free and fast, but its construction needed to be built on steadyness, exactitude and tedium.

Fuufuu continued his work, no longer uncertain of its meaning.

The Magi-cycle hovered, crackling with both lightning and strange bluine forces. Unlike other departures by the Goblin King the Oldshire goblins knew that this one likely was the last.

Hint Goblin had packed his backpack and stood ready, making his best effort to hide his anxiety. Whenever he seemed close to breaking his composure he would look at Bread Goblin, frown and recompose himself.

At first as Fuufuu Darkroyal: The Blue Gnoll, Mayor and Hero of Oldshire, Goblin King, Demon Slayer, World Savior, Magician, and Blackammer Master began truly packing his things the people of Oldshire took little notice. Though, as the goblins began to gather, some in the mayoral council began to realize the gravity of this day and too began to gather. Eventually a throng of people were there to see him off.

“People of Oldshire…”, Fuufuu orated in his loudest voice without so much as a chuckle, "We have grown strong together and because of our works we are a grand bastion of knowledge in this world. Though The Blue we have become strong. Through The Blue we have conquered the Dead, the living, War, and ignorance. We have quelled hunger, raised shelter, and Spread wisdom. May it never end.

Your Mayoral Council is strong and Strong with The Blue, May it never lose its way. Your alliances are strong and strong with The Blue, may they never falter. You are strong and will continue to be the greatest people in the foodlands if you follow the tenants of the blue:

When The Blue path opens, you must follow. The blue will lead you to greater horizons.
One must Never Destroy The Blue works. They are the keys to doorways of the past and the future.
The Blue is to be spread like the Sky of day. When this is so then we will truly be free.

I go now to the land of legends, the great journey, beyond the heel but never beyond the dream. I shall touch the speedlands and learn its wisdoms. I shall return but never again as Mayor."

With that, emotions rang loud. A mix of cheers and wails filled the air. Fuufuu embraced his close friends: Robin, Jamin, Meat Goblin, Forge Goblin, Zzap Goblin. Then both Fuufuu and Hint Goblin boarded the Magi-cycle, its numerous clockwork faces beginning their clockspins indicating the engagement of its flagistanni bubble. The magi-cycle then rose high into the sky, cracked its well known, Sky shattering BOOM, and was gone, leaving only a brief afterimage.

Fuufuu Darkroyal: The Blue Gnoll

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