Queen Zahara Galahala

Queen of Galahala, she leads her people with her catlike instincts.


HP: 130
MP: 10
C: 4
A: 9
S: 1
T: 29/29

Allignment – Neutral Good

- rope
- First Aid Kit
- Tent
- 20 Rations
- 92 Matches
- Cats Eye Rock
- 1 pt for $1000
- $333
- Poison (Paralysis) 3/4
- 20 Water Bottles

- The Whites Hand
- 18 Normal Arrows + 2 Heads
- 45 Flaming Arrows +1d6, lasts 5 rounds (must be lit on fire) ($500)
- English Longbow range 4 +9d6 Restrictions – requires ammo/repair on 1/requires maintenance/cannot be unencumbered ($1000)
- 40 Sharp Arrows +2d6 Restrictions – breaks on 5 or lower
- Construct Armor +60 HP/takes 10 rounds to put on or take off/requires active battery/requires daily maintenance/Cost 5 mana ($500)

C1 Bow Proficiency – 5 to using a bow.
C1 Armor Proficiency – +60 HP.
C1 Sword Proficiency: Sword of the White – +5 to using sword of the white.
C2 Bow Attack – can attack with a bow properly.
C2 Bow Mastery – +5 to hit with a long bow.
SC3 Volley – +1 target with a bow
SC3 Volley – +1 target with a bow
A1 Scouting Proficiency – +5 to scouting at night.
A1 Mindfullness – +5 to mind magic knowledge.
A2 Mind Blessing – allows to cast mind magic only for illusions.
A3 Mind Focus – lasts 10 turns/does not cost mana/1 turn cooldown /
3d6 academic/invisible and inaudible(stationary). Restrictions – only for mind meltdown spell/only for magic/cannot move/must be verbal and somatic/1 hour spell study in the morning.
A4 Mind Meltdown(Paralysis) – lasts 10 turns/cost 4 mana/1 turn cooldown/paralysis/creates moderate illusions(visual/audible/physical)/targets 3. Restrictions – must have mind focus on/somatic and verbal/must be focused/1 hour spell study in the morning.
A5 Seduction(Force Suggestion) – 10 turns/does not cost mana/range 2/creates temporary infatuation. Restrictions – must target a male/cannot be encumbered/1 hour spell study in the morning/fails on a 1/must be focused.
NA1 Night Vision – +5 to seeing at night.
NC1 Climbing Proficiency – +5 to climbing wooden structures.


- Zahara has long platinum blond hair, and light blue eyes with a golden band around the iris. The band looks like an actual ring. Her dress is black, and she does not have a bow on her tail.
- when Zahara was younger she had a very rich village
- she never knew her father and her mother died when she was very young
- snake people came and attacked anyone to wandered into the forest
- cat people couldnt get food without going into the forest
- Zahara was attacked by a huge white snake, and the cat in her came to life
- after an argument with her brother Zahara had gained the power to use illusions, this was strange
because people from the cat village are not very magical, besides the art of healing (ex Gran Gran)
- she swore revenge on the snake people
- demons were summoned
- Gran Gran showed Zahara a picture of her father one day, and now Zahara has been pretty set on finding her father, she has a compass that is suppsoe to lead her right to him
- crazy things have happened that have distracted Zahara from her mission, – she had a near death experience and needs to retrieve a sword for a god
- demons had attacked and ruined the village they live in
- Zahara went to get the sword for the god and found a man that seems to have living ice around him
- the ice man wants something to counteract the ice before he gives her the sword

Tales of Zahara:

Tale 1

The tribes people have eyes that range from green to yellow. Their hair is either black or very dark brown. But Zahara is different. She has icy blue eyes with a golden band around her irises. The golden band resembles a ring. Her hair is platinum blond, but becomes more silver when she is in cat form.

Zahara is her tribe’s savior, she is their hope. The fortune teller dreamed up a prophecy that tells of a silver cat leaving the tribe and doing great things. She will show the world of their power. No one has ever left the safety of the tribe before. So not a lot of people know they even exist.

Her tribe focus on combat from afar. Most of the tribe people use slingshots or darts, but Zahara uses a bow. When enemies get too close the tribe have a secret powerful offensive defence. They can transform into cats, which greatly increases their combat finesse.

Zahara’s older brother Felix, has golden eyes and light brown hair that looks orange in the sun light. He uses poisoned darts for combat.

Shortly after Zahara turned 16 she was attacked. She was picking berries for her tribe. Although they are cat people, they eat anything humans eat. Zahara felt something slide up her leg, but before she could react she found herself restrained by a giant white snake. “Get off me scum, I am royalty!” She screamed.
“Princess Zahara of the cat people,” it slithered. “You will make an exssssellent sssnack.”
Zahara screamed and struggled to get lose, but to no avail. She was getting worn out. Just when she thought it was over, her cats eye stone started to feel warm against the skin on her neck. She could feel her cat senses coming to life. Her sight and hearing were getting stronger by the second. She could hear a waterfall from a great distance away. Her body began to vibrate at first, but soon her body was contorting. Her bones were dislocating only to relocate in a different position. She felt burning pain all over. Zahara thought she was going to black out from the pain. In a moment the pain disappeared as if it was never there, and Zahara was a cat. She bit and clawed to get free of the snake. Once free, the white serpent was dead. Zahara ran back to her tribe and told then about the snake. The tribe made an alliance with the lizard people, who were natural enemies to the snakes. The snakes would prey on their young. Together the cat people and lizard people brought down the giant snakes.

Tale 2

One evening when Zahara was arguing with her brother she tapped into her magic without realizing it. Her brother had a look of terror on his face, and he said nothing when she questioned what was wrong. Zahara left him alone about the situation until the next morning. When she asked him again though he told her he felt like he was being restrained by a snake. He didn’t see anything. Later they found out that Zahara had learned how to use illusion based magic.

Tale 3

Zahara didn’t really want to take over the castle, it just seemed like too much work for something she didn’t even like. She never liked large towns, maybe because she never really lived in one. Her town before the snake people started preying on them had around 300 men. But she would go along with her allies if that was what they wanted. Her neutral nature made it easy for her to do anything even if she wasn’t interested in it.
Her people were happy in the town of Old Shire away from the snakes. But they would be happy anywhere if it meant no snake people. Around the time before they left the snake people were merely just picking them off. They were even coming to the city’s outskirts and waiting for cat people to go out to fetch food or to go and drink from the river.
Zahara still had a burning hatred for the snake people. Her allies wanted to ally with the snake people? She thought that was a terrible idea, the snake people would probably betray them. A better plan is to get stronger and wipe them out!

Tale 4

Gran Gran called for Zahara one day. She wanted to tell her something very important. After Zahara put her off for some time she decided to visit the old cat.
“I think it’s about time to tell you about your father. You don’t remember him at all do you?”
“No Gran Gran I barely remember mother anymore either.” Her mother was killed by the serpent people a few years back. That was when Zahara truly started to hate the snake folk.
“Everything you have heard about your father has been a lie. We were trying to protect you. He came into the village, everyone took a sudden liking to him, but I knew he was trouble! He left as fast as he came, no one knows where he went, or if he was ever truly here in the first place. He was very skilled in using illusioins, and no one knew his true form. Your mother said he showed her the form of a satyr.”
Gran Gran took out a picture that Zahara’s mother had drawn for her to see one day when she was old enough.
“Your mother believed that this was his true form. She also thought that he truly loved her.”

Tale 5

While going through some of mom’s old stuff Zahara finds a golden compass. The compass has a note attached to it that reads:
“My dearest love,
If the urge ever arises in you let this compass be your light in the dark to find me and my tribe.”
Zahara never remembered seeing the compass ever before, even though she has looked through her mom’s belongings countless times before.
She first asked her older brother, Felix about the compass. He looked a bit nervous but replied that he’s never seen it before.
Zahara decided to confront Gran Gran about it. If anyone knew anything about it, she would. Gran Gran told her that she has been hiding it from her so she wouldn’t do anything drastic. She now thought Zahara was old enough to be trusted with it, and deserved to know her father.

Tale 6

Hah! That guy was only a messenger? Wow, he easily killed one of our strongest men; and it wasn’t even him who touched the elf. ‘Those spiders… we need a way to break their web, or be stuck in it and just get ripped apart,’ Zahara thought to herself. When the messenger attacked her, she swore that wasn’t normal fire. She can almost still feel the flames licking at my flesh. She thought she was going to die, lucky for her it went out when she rolled on the ground, because the water was doing nothing to it.

It wouldn’t be the first time dying… her near death experience was interesting. It felt like she was floating up on a cloud and everything around her was white, not like snow, just really bright. Now she owes a god a favor, and she thinks that is an honor.

Zahara helped with the bodies of her comrades. They were only able to find two bodies, the other one was incinerated from the explosion. The cat people now could bury their dead. In Galahala almost anywhere you stepped there was a buried body under you, and that was why they started burning their dead.

Queen Zahara Galahala

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