Places That once were.

The Sanctum (Ancient City in the Golden Sands)
Brenenburg Kingdom
Kal’Hudin (Abandoned Dwarven city)

The Tribal Republic of Oldshire

OldShire (The Capitol of The Alliance)
Galahala (The Catfolk Tribe)
Goramarsh (The Lizard people Tribe)
Tsaar (The Serpent Den)

Cities of the Ebony Empire

New Onyx

Humanoid City States

Dia Mahn (City of Elves)
The Necropolis (City of Enlightenment and Undeath)
Nasad (City of Dark Elves)
Cloudspire (Dragon Central)
Khordaldrum (Hidden Dwarven city)

Various Lands

The Gnoll Lands
The Shimmering Sands
The Speed Lands
Frozen North

Zebra Galaxy



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